Till I Try I'll Never Know

Last Year

Me: Good Morning!

Dad: Good Morning!

Me: And?

Dad: Happy Birthday!

This Year

Me: Good Morning!

Dad: Hey, someone woke up... Good morning

Me: And?

Me: And?

Me: And?!

Dad: What? Is it a special day?


He just said it. I didn't have to say "and?". Broke the tradition, huh?

Sorry I’ve barely been on tumblr since… I don’t know? It’s because of studies and an archaeological excavation.

Do you know this feeling when something makes you sad but you think you’re fine with it and only later find out you were never actually fine with it?

Me and my sister have a birthday this week. I won’t be able to see her at the actual date. I thought I was fine with it. But… we won’t exchange gifts at 00:00. I will probably not tell her “Happy Birthday!” at the exact minute she was born at, and… I won’t celebrate at the actual date (I know this is silly, but this is very important to me). My birthday tend to be on holidays’ eves (There’s a few Jewish holidays soon, and my birthday tends to fall on one of them, which makes celebrating on the actual date difficult) and I was happy this year it’s just “a normal day”, but now it’s not. I’ll be in my educational archaeological excavation and it’s a lot of fun, but… I’m surprised how breaking all those silly birthday traditions that I have (including me telling my father “good morning” and him pretending nothing’s special until I remind him “and…?”. I may call him just to say “good morning” to see what he’ll say. But all those other silly tradition bug me now) makes me so sad. I knew right away I’ll be sad it’s on my birthday when I had to sign up for an educational excavation but I didn’t know I’ll be this upset. I’ve always known those traditions will be broken (and, well, we’ve only exchanged gifts at 00:00 last year and all of those traditions are from the recent years), but I’m emotional now.

At least it’s fun.

Though I work very slowly because I’m very weak and it bugs me a lot as well. Also, I got burned a bit (which might be bad because I have Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (I think that’s the exact name, but I’m not sure. It’s some kind of Lupus, but very different from the famous type) and I scratch a lot now, and I’m only a bit red, I don’t have an eruption or anything like that now. I hope I’ll be able to stop scratching soon.


I always loved this because seriously, who else but Merlin could be allowed to order the king about before defying him insolently a second later?

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buffy meme - [6/7] quotes 
→ “I should be in bed cuddling up to my insomnia and worrying about how i’m going to mess up tomorrow.”

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Fool’s Assassin: The Exciting Bit


Major Spoilers for Fool’s Assassin Under the Cut

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I haven’t read it, but: the fact there’s a spoiler about a book about these characters makes me very happy.

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BUFFY REWATCH - one gifset per episode
6.15 - As You Were

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